Paying For A Personal Trainer On A Budget: 3 Tips

13 March 2018
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Personal training isn't always in everyone's budget. It's a luxury that most just cannot afford. If you have any money at all in your budget, you may have a few options to help you get the training you need to get you in the shape you're looking for. See below for some tips to help you afford training.

Figure Out Your Budget

Get your finances in order and figure out what you could possibly afford. Take your income and subtract your bills from there. Also take out any other monthly expenses such as gas, groceries and entertainment. No matter what you have leftover, keep this amount in mind when shopping around for a trainer. Don't over-extend yourself over this amount and put yourself in debt. If you have any other funds or ways to cut spending throughout the month, you can add to your training budget. Cutting things such as going out to eat, or purchasing coffee from your local coffee house can all save you money on your fitness training budget.

Look For Fitness Training Options To Fit Your Budget

If you can't afford regular personal training sessions, ask if there are other options available, such as semi-personal training sessions where you share your time with another person who is also training. You can also find out if they offer group training sessions as well, which may be more affordable and within your budget. If these are not available, you may be able to pay for sessions, but won't be able to get as many throughout the month. Figure out what works best for you and what the personal trainer offers.

Do Your Homework

Before jumping into working with a personal trainer, do your homework. You don't want to waste money on someone that you don't mesh well with or that isn't giving you what you need. Research personal trainers in your area and ask for references from other clients. Don't sign up for anything you can't afford and stay with a trainer that you don't feel comfortable with. Be sure to ask about qualifications and certifications, as well as what other services your trainer offers such as help with diet or other areas of your life, not just with exercise. 

Paying for a personal trainer may not be in your budget, but don't rule it out completely. There may be other options available for you. Do your homework and research personal trainers and sessions that may work within your budget.