Preparation For And Care After Reflexology

21 March 2018
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Reflexology is a wonderful way to help your body become calmer and healthier. It's a generally safe practice (the Mayo Clinic notes that the only real issue stems from someone pressing too hard on a reflexology point), and it's easy to prepare for a session. However, you do have to prepare, and you have to know how to take care of yourself after the session so that the effects last as long as possible.

Pre-Treatment Discussion

If you have not already met with the reflexologist for a consultation, set that up first. Don't go into a reflexology clinic, like Ageless Yoga Studio, expecting to just get a treatment. The reflexologist needs to know about injuries, pregnancies if you're female, chronic illnesses, and the medications you take. You must discuss these with the clinician because some reflexologists will not work on people with specific conditions.

Caffeine and Other Substances

You also need to avoid caffeine, alcohol, and other substances for several hours before your appointment. No smoking, no drugs, and if you have to take medications, the reflexologist may have specific instructions for you. Eat lightly, too, and do your best to eat healthy foods. Water and herbal teas (but not black, green, or oolong teas) that don't contain caffeine are excellent to have.

Post-Treatment Hydration

If you're like a lot of people who get reflexology done, you'll feel great after the session. But you'll also be prone to dehydration, of all things, so be sure you sip water or herbal, non-caffeinated teas throughout the rest of the day. Do not go and get a sugary smoothie or coffee drink. In fact, don't even add anything to your water or tea other than maybe a bit of fresh lemon juice. You really want to take it easy on your body.

Care While Driving

You'll also likely feel very calm after the appointment, and some people may feel sleepy. Be very careful driving after the session. Hang out in the waiting room for a bit if you need to -- never drive while drowsy.

Stay Calm, Physically and Emotionally

Do your best to stay calm for the rest of the day. That means no vigorous exercise, and try to stay calm in the face of stress. This is not the day to tackle that intensive vacuuming need in your home, either.

Schedule your reflexology treatment for a day when you don't have much going on. You'll find that having that open day makes it a lot easier to let the reflexology work on your well-being.