Gym Memberships Help Beat The Freshman 15

7 March 2019
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Every year, millions of high school students become freshmen in college and experience a unique state of personal freedom. Unfortunately, many may end up putting on a little weight if they aren't too careful. Thankfully, gym memberships and a gym buddy can help manage this situation.

The Freshman 15 Is Very Real

When college students move out of their parents for the first time and into a new college dorm, there is a good chance that their eating may get out of control. For example, a high-quality cafeteria may have many types of foods from which they can pick, which causes them to put on some weight. This situation is known as the Freshman 15, and while it doesn't happen to everyone, many do experience it.

Unfortunately, this problem can quickly become not just 15-20 pounds, but even more if college students don't take the time to address the issue. This is particularly true of students who don't exercise or compete in sports for their university. Thankfully, gym memberships can help out with this problem in a variety of ways.

Gym Memberships May Help

Freshmen in college may not think that spending money on a gym is a wise investment. They may have access to a college gym and think that is enough to help them stay in shape. Unfortunately, that is very rarely the case, as many college students may not feel compelled to go to their gym. However, getting a gym membership – and paying money for one – does tend to motivate people to attend.

Just as importantly, a professional gym often has services that students can use for free, such as personal trainers and other assistance. In this way, a freshman can avoid putting on those initial pounds and stay in shape more easily, especially if they stay motivated with a fun gym buddy.

Gym Buddies Are a Powerful Weight Loss Tool

Freshmen who get a gym membership should also seriously consider finding a fun gym buddy to exercise with every day. These buddies will help to keep a person in tune with their exercise needs and provide them with the motivation that they need to get into the gym and stay active.

Just as importantly, a gym buddy can provide good social interaction for a freshman who may be struggling to meet people. A roommate may be a good gym buddy for some people. However, many others may want to reach out to others in their dorm to find a suitable buddy. Thankfully, many freshmen are likely up to the same type of weight loss plan.

So if you're a freshman in college and are worried about the Freshman 15 turning into a serious battle with the bulge, don't hesitate to reach out to professionals for the motivation you need to achieve weight loss success. Some gyms may even be able to hook you up with a gym buddy from your college to help improve your success.