Creating A Home Gym For Kids: Four Ideas To Consider

15 May 2019
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Keeping your kids active all year long is important, but it can be hard to give them the exercise they need during the cold winter months. Building a kid-friendly home gym is one way to help your little ones expend extra energy and stay fit even when the weather doesn't permit outside play. Here are some things you may want to use to create this home gym experience.

Mini Trampolines

Kids love jumping, and mini trampolines offer a fun way to combine that love with some healthy exercise. Look for mini trampolines with built-in handles to keep your children steady as they jump. These handles can also make it easier for them to do different types of exercise. Be sure to place rubber flooring tiles or mats underneath the trampolines to cushion any falls or slips from bouncing on this type of equipment.

Exercise Bikes

Kid-friendly exercise bikes offer a host of benefits for your little ones. They are fun to ride, and they can also help children practice for when they ride real bikes in the summer. Exercise bikes offer a convenient way for kids to work out without feeling like they are doing a chore. You can find kid-friendly versions of this exercise equipment in a variety of sizes and colors online. Pair the bikes with a tablet and wireless headphones to give your kids music to listen to as they pedal.


Sometimes kids want to exercise just like mom and dad. Kid-friendly treadmills offer a perfect way to do just that. These treadmills are typically powered manually, so your kids only need to start walking on the platform to start working out. Look for a model with handles on all three sides to help your children stay steady, and make sure that the base features a non-slip surface for added safety while running or walking. Whenever you find your kids running through the house, you can suggest they take a run on the treadmill instead.

Rock Wall Play Set

Rock walls are great for challenging kids, but adding one to the wall in your basement or playroom can be a big undertaking. This type of equipment also requires constant parental supervision, which can be an issue in busy households. Instead, consider investing in a rock wall play set intended for use in the back yard. A mountain summit design gives kids four shorter sides of the wall to climb, so the height doesn't require harnesses or other similar safety gear. Place the play set on a bed of gymnastics mats to help cushion your children if they misstep, and be sure to discuss safe ways to play on this equipment.